Seniors: Selling Your Home?

Linda Johnson, CRS
Published on October 14, 2016

Seniors: Selling Your Home?


Baby BoomersAre you beginning to think about retiring?  Have the children left home–and you know they are not coming back?  Is the yard work and snow shoveling less ‘productive exercise’ and more of a pain in the knees & back?  Perhaps you are just beginning to plan ahead for when your situation changes, but you are afraid to think about moving from the home that you have lived in for so many years.  All the memories.  The house is paid for.  You know your neighbors well.  All justifiable fears.

There is good news about aging!  In the absence of disease, normal aging can be rewarding and fun.  We become less concerned about what others think of us; careers, children and their education are no longer worrisome to us.  That is in the past.  Why would we want to move? Most of the seniors I have worked with have similar reasons:  too much yard work, reduced physical capabilities, snow removal, general house upkeep, may have medical issues in the future, home is too big now that children are gone.

Yet, when we think about how daunting the task of moving and looking for a different home is we just put it off–again.  Oh, we may pack up a few items and donate some others, but then there are the memories.  The children might want these things.  What if our ‘stuff’ won’t fit in a new home?  We like our neighbors.  What if we don’t like our new neighbors or the new place? These are all legitimate fears and concerns.

Selling your home and moving can be extremely emotional- especially if there are other life decisions involved. We will provide a no-pressure approach to help you navigate through your options.  Maybe those options will involve making adjustments to your current home so you can stay.  Selling your home is a complex process and a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) has extensive training to help guide you through the process to make your transaction less stressful and more successful.  If you, or someone you know, is considering a move please contact Pat Stevens and Linda Johnson , Senior Real Estate Specialists of the Twin Cities Real Estate Group.

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Seniors: Selling Your Home?
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